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AC35 Match: 8-12 knots today at race time; live on NBC (the main network) at 1p EDT / 10a PDT

HAMILTON, BER – Lightish but should be raceable again today. Will OTUSA show good speed again today in the light relative to the Kiwis as they did yesterday? As we post this both boats are already out practicing. We are reliably informed that OTUSA as asymmetrical foils today – a different foil on the port side than starboard. We'll cover that in our Pre-Race Show on Facebook Live (more on that below).

How many races today? Only two, even if the Kiwis win the first two and need only one more win to wrap up the series. That decision (two or three races) is not made by the independent Regatta Director Iain Murray who is paid by and reports to all the AC teams. No, under the AC Rules that decision is made by the Commercial Commissioner, Sam Hollis (who is also ACEA General Counsel and COO), who reports to ACEA CEO Russell Coutts and, hence, is paid by Larry Ellison, owner of ORACLE TEAM USA as well as ACEA. Hmmm.

During yesterday's racing we learned from some of our Dear Readers that not all NBC affiliates were carrying the racing live, e.g., the Detroit affiliate WDIV Channel 4 ran infomercials instead of the Cup. My mother, who lives in Ann Arbor, and others had to watch it on the NBC App on their phone or tablet, or on their computer via the NBC Sports website ( FYI, in case you find that the AC is not carried on your local NBC affiliate today.

And please join us for our Pre-Race Show on FB Live 30 minutes before race time. You can watch our show anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection on We'll have the latest from Bermuda, and what to expect in today's two scheduled races, and more inside scoop than ever.

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