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AC35: SINNERS gather in Bermuda for AC liquid tradition

HAMILTON, BER - Thank God for the SINNERS, for they shall keep America’s Cup tradition when so much of it has been tossed away like rubbish. Today’s gathering of the Society of International Nautical Scribes (SINS) at Flanagan’s Irish Pub on the Hamilton waterfront kept alive one of the most hallowed and perhaps unholy rites of the America’s Cup. Well, maybe not really unholy, but it was a liquid lunch in the finest tradition, with no shortage of 20-ounce drafts and bottle after bottle of red and white wine.

Names cannot be named, as it would violate a sacred trust. Rest assured, the attendees were the finest of yachting scribes and snappers from around the world present in Bermuda.

Sadly, the numbers are dwindling. Some SINNERS have retired and some simply no longer cover the Cup for whatever reason, including that it’s too damn expensive here in Bermuda.

Some have crossed the bar. A toast was raised to the late, great, Bob Grieser, who was a fabulous photographer and an even better person. Bob died earlier this year and his ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean off San Diego in a ceremony attended by a fair number of his fellow SINNERS.

SINS gatherings date to the 1972 One Ton Cup in Sydney. When the host club wanted nothing to do with the scribes, they simply grabbed some beer and gathered in the kiddie pool of a Travelodge. In 1987, more than 80 SINNERS attended the ritual gathering on a beach _ some unholy things might have happened then, but many memories are foggy _ during the America’s Cup in Fremantle, still considered by many as the best ever.

SINS has only three rules: 1) Drink more piss; 2) Don't piss in the pool; and 3) Revert to Rule 1.

The SINS meeting traditionally is held on the first lay day of the America’s Cup match. This time, there are five straight lay days between weekend racing, a sellout to TV. At least the SINS tradition lives on. Cheers, mates!

At least one long-standing and hallowed America's Cup tradition was upheld in Bermuda with today's gathering of the Society of the International Nautical Scribes, at Flanagan's Irish Pub on the Hamilton waterfront. SAILING ILLUSTRATED's Fifth Beatle was there.

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