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Auditions for SI's Swimsuit Issue

HAMILTON, BER – Given the name of our new website, a few of our cheekier Dear Readers have asked if we are going to have a Swimsuit Issue. Seems like a good idea to your Ed., but in this day in age we'd better feature both men and women to be korrekt in terms of sexual politics? One wag suggested the men's issue could feature Red Bull Youth AC teams in their wetsuits, a la this publicity photo for the youth AC team from New Zealand courtesy of Red Bull (no joke)....

In the meantime, Peter Stoneberg, SI's America's Cup correspondent doing the tough duty in Bermuda this month, has submitted this G-rated video of one Kiwi who apparently was eager to be SI's first female swimsuit model; unfortunately at the time Peter shot the vid the weather was not auspicious for, er, more revealing action, or so he said with, I'm sure, his tongue firmly-in-cheek....

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