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AC35: Looking very light in Bermuda at race time both Saturday and Sunday

HAMILTON, BDA – For the AC35 preliminaries over the past three weeks, has proven amazingly accurate. While their wind forecasts from as much as five days out have changed up or down a bit as we got closer to a given race day,'s big picture call – light, medium or heavy air – has been spot on. And with four days to go it is looking very light at race time (1400 ADT) on both Saturday and Sunday. Only 5-7 knots. The minimum, of course, is 6 knots. Hopefully, at least it will be raceable. If not, it will be a huge letdown for the live TV coverage in the USA (and everywhere else!) as beginning this Saturday AC racing is on NBC – the main broadcast network, not the cable/satellite sports network NBCSN. As always it will also be carried on the NBC Sports App.

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