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AC35: Yes, you can watch replays of the racing, at least in the USA – here's how

SAN FRANCISCO – Huzzah! Yes, you can watch replays of the AC35 racing, at least in the USA, and you are hearing about it first here on SI. Your Ed. has discovered at least two ways to watch:

1. On your computer's browser – navigate to, click on "Watch," and on the next page click on "Full Event Replays." They're all there, listed by day.

2. On an Apple TV connected to your television (and perhaps with other set-top boxes such as Roku, but I don't have one so am not sure) – if you haven't already done so, download the NBC Sports app; then scroll down your screen to find the app and click on it...

...and when the app opens scroll over to "Replays" which brings up a screen with a day-by-day listing of replays of sports events that are available, including America's Cup....

For both options you have to confirm that you have a cable or satellite service that carries NBCSN, but the set-up is easy and fast, taking only a few clicks. Once done you don't have to repeat. Voilà! With thanks to Ty Reed and Meg Ehman for bringing the Apple TV option to our attention.

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