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FRIDAY'S TFE LIVE: Edit and Peter Harken (USA) via Skype from Pewaukee

Friday, June 26, 2020

MOB: Sending in a Second Soul?

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

TFE LIVE: Today, Terry Hutchinson (USA), Skipper and Executive Director of NYYC's American Magic with his personal "Cupdate" and insight...

Friday, May 8, 2020

TFE LIVE: Today, Vittorio d'Albertas (ITA), sailmaker and budding YouTube star, live via Skype from Savona with his insight into the COVID crisis...

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

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AC35: Race 3 Challenger Finals – SWE v. NZL, Nathan Outteridge falls overboard on Leg 5!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Let's see if the Kiwis are more aggressive in this start. Still heavy overcast and 10-11 knots. Rain seems to be holding off, though there are storm clouds around the course area. I like NBCSN having Andrew Campbell (USA/OTUSA crew) on with veteran commentator Todd Harris in a pre-race show and again between races. Then they go back to Ken and Ali for the play by play, with Joey Newton (AUS/OTUSA team) on the water. IMHO, Joey has  been the best on-the-water commentator and good to have him back.


This start it looks like the Kiwis will win it, ahead and to leeward, but SWE pop onto their foils and roll over the top of NZL and lead by one BL at Mark 1 which they maintain down wind.


AT the Leg 2 gate, NZL gain a split, and both boats are drag-racing up Leg 3 sideline to sideline. SWE are holding a give-or-take 100m lead. It's close at the top Leg 3 gate. Artemis rounds the port end, and ETNZ starboard. Therefore another split down the run. More sideline to sideline. Artemis ahead again at a mid-leg cross by 75m but has a slow jibe. They go through Gate 4 almost simultaneously, SWE still ahead but only by :03. 


Here comes a big cross. NZL on starboard with right-of-way. SWE gets across by maybe 2 BL. Close! Another cross coming with NZL this time on port and SWE on starboard. SWE cross ahead by only 1 BL. Ken say they have 8 cameras on each boat, a camera boat, a camera drone, a helicopter with a cam. 


There's going to be another crucial cross at the Leg 5 gate.


But, OMG, there's a SWE sailor in the water – it's Nathan Outteridge the helmsman who has fallen overboard. He's picked up by their chase boat apparently is okay. SWE carries on with one of their crew driving. SWE throttle back to finish the race but not retire. NZL is just ahead at the Leg 5 gate, and will cruise down Legs 6 and 7 to win by heaps. 


SWE helmsman Nathan Outterdige flew off the back of their boat just before the Leg 5 gate, just after the Kiwis had taken the lead. Nathan was picked up by their chase boat and was reported to be okay. Another mistake in the pressure of the moment like the Race 1 boundary violation just after the Kiwis had taken the lead?








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