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AC35: Day 9 Challenger Semis, Races 3-4 – NZL v. GBR

Emirates Team New Zealand v. Land Rover BAR. Peter Burling v. Sir Ben Ainslie. The Kiwis are back on the water having replaced their wing after a problem during the tune-up time before today's racing. They're back out just in the time for the start with GBR. NZL are being very cautious. Staying well clear of Big Bang Ben, letting them have the start, and then jibing first after the bear-away mark. GBR are just ahead of NZL through Leg 5 upwind when they have a bad tack, allowing NZL, after a beaut foiling tack at almost the same time to leeward of the Brits, to sail into the lead. Up Leg 7 NZL has a Fly Time of 99 to GBR's 90, putting into numbers what we can plainly see on TV – NZL are much more stable on their foils.

Down Leg 8 Peter Burling is heard talking on the yacht about "issues" that he is apparently having to control the yacht. But whatever it is doesn't stop them from cruising to a 2:10 win, which was exaggerated by GBR dialing back to conserve the boat and sailors for the next race when it becomes clear NZL would win. Kiwis go ahead 3-0.

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