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AC35: Day 7 Skippers Presser Live – ETNZ will reveal their choice of Semifinal opponent, updated

UPDATE AT 1300 PDT, a few minutes after the presser – This is a MUST WATCH for AC fans. First, Franck Cammas alone on the stage, very graciously bows out mostly speaking French for his home-country fans. What a gentleman. As usual, a real class act. Next, Jimmy Spithill comes on alone as the winner of the Qualifiers, starts sticking it to the Kiwis big-time, and, LOL, pre-announces for ETNZ who they will choose as their semifinal opponent – Land Rover BAR (GBR, Ben Ainslie). As our regular SI readers will know, your Ed. predicted that choice days ago, and, so far we are batting 100% on our pre-regatta, and during-regatta calls.100%. Finally, the skippers from the four remaining Challengers take the stage. The wind has been taken out of this proceeding by Jimmy's stealing of Peter Burling's thunder, and he lamely repeats the news about their choice of GBR without doing anything to take the piss of Jimmy's vinegar. When SWE's Nathan Outteridge is asked about how he likes his Semifinal against Dean Barker and JPN, he says something to the effect – and not realizing how hilarious and ingracious he appears – that he looks forward to beating JPN then racing the Kiwis. Poor Ben Ainslie is sitting their like a bump on a log, with a long face, and says nothing. Just imagine how that will play out in the British press. Can you imagine how Dennis Conner, Tom Blackaller, Bruno Trouble, Bill Koch, Russell Coutts, Chris Dickson or any of the other great AC personalities would have reacted if on that stage when Nathan made such an obvious gaffe, whether they were in Ben's shoes or not. As I said, a MUST WATCH for AC fans.

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