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AC35: Race Day 6 results, current standings and tomorrow's racing

IT'S ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTING, except for who gets to carry a bonus point into the AC Match. Likely that will be determined by the outcome of tomorrow's race between ETNZ and OTUSA. If OTUSA win, they for sure carry a bonus point into the Match. If ETNZ win, they get a bonus point assuming they win the Challenger Playoffs. If ETNZ win against OTUSA tomorrow, and one of the other Challengers wins the Playoffs, no bonus points, nada.

To me it still seems weird, and wrong, to begin a major sporting championship with one of finalists already having, in effect, one win. And I know a lot of our SI readers share that view. But, as Meg Ehman and her cohort like to say, it is what it is.

Today's results – two wins for ETNZ and two wins for the newly resurgent Artemis Racing, or was it simply that the windier conditions are more to SWE's liking and/or their foils better suited?

NZL will finish as the top Challenger, JPN will be fourth, and it doesn't matter whether GBR is second or third after tomorrow's final day of racing. If you were NZL, who would you choose as your Semifinal opponent? I say the odds-on favorite as ETNZ's Semifinal fodder is Land Rover BAR, but maybe they will conclude, fearing collisions, that it's too risky to race against Big Bang Ben and choose JPN and Dean Barker instead.

Only tomorrow's first race between USA and NZL is of any consequence, as noted above.

We'll be live again tomorrow morning with our Pre-Race Show on my personal Facebook Page, Hope you can join us.

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