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ICSA: Finals of the Gill Coed College Nationals underway today, well not yet

AFTER TWO DAYS of racing in two divisions of 18 boats each, the top 9 from each of have qualified to race in the finals of the Coed College Nationals sponsored by Gill and hosted by the College of Charleston in, where else, Charleston, SC. If you looked at the standings last evening when the cut-and-paste websites processed and posted the ICSA press release like it was pasteurized, processed cheese product in slices wrapped in plastic (only in America!), and then checked them again this morning, you may notice there was a change overnight. Last evening SAILING ILLUSTRATED was tipped off about a jury hearing that could upset the apple cart at the bottom of Eastern Semifinal, so we held off our own report so we could present the facts, ma'am, not the fake news.

Turns out Dartmouth protested Hampton University in the next-to-last race late yesterday for an A Division incident at the top mark, a "tacking inside the zone" foul or so we are told. I've not seen the jury decision, nor has ICSA said anything about it other than to revise their standings. In what reportedly was a contentious hearing, Hampton University was flicked from the race moving Dartmouth into the finals and eliminating Hampton. Perhaps we will learn more about the protest on the livestream telecast of the racing today (and tomorrow) if and when they get underway. Racing is currently under postponement in Charleston for lack of wind. Remind you of another regatta going on in that general area, a bit to the east?

Regardless, the post-race reversal of fortunes is not that big a deal, but it is to the two schools involved. And it's worth asking around about who the sailors are (were) racing for Hampton U. And what countries they're from.

You can read the ICSA's full press release from last evening, updated, here. Or check all this out on the ICSA website here. If the wind comes good, you can watch the racing in the video window below. The TV crew are up in the YORKTOWN on a hanger deck overlooking the race course. The shots from the camera boat are quite good, as is the commentary from Jon Rogers and Brooks Clark.

Here are the results of each Semifinal Division, and, again, it's the top 9 in each that will be racing in the finals today and tomorrow. Sorry to see my Michigan Wolverines didn't make the cut, indeed had to work hard to stay out of DFL. Bruce Nelson will not be amused.

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