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Join us during AC racing in SI's new Live Chat Room, now up and running

YOU ASKED FOR IT, and we delivered. Our new SAILING ILLUSTRATED Live Chat Room is up and running. You can sign in under your real name (encouraged) or a pseudonym and join the running chat with other AC aficionados. If you are watching the live TV at the same time, add your two cents worth to what you're seeing, or ask questions about it. Help others with their questions. If you are unable to see the live TV, then this is the perfect way to follow the racing live as others will help with a running commentary of the action. We also expect a number of friends in Bermuda to be chiming in.

Our new Chat Room works great on a desktop and also mobile, but the latter is not as intuitive as we'd like. We're working to simplify sign in, but here's how you do it now:

Slide 1 - Go to SI on your phone or tablet via the browser, and tap on the blue square to get the page list, then tap Chat Room. Slide 2 will pop up.

Slide 2 - Tap on the three white dots in the green strip. A black screen of Chat Options pops up.

Slide 3 - On the black screen, tap on the X for "Full Screen."

Slide 4 – Now you will see the full chat screen. Tap on "Click here to join the conversation..." at the bottom. Slide 5 pops up.

Slide 5 – Tap the gray bar to sign in as a guest. You can also use the other options if you want, but guest is quick and easy. Slide 6 pops up.

Slide 6 – Type in your name (actual is preferred, but a pseudonym if you are shy) and tap the green Login button. That will take you back to the chat screen and you can follow and scroll the comments, and add yours in the chat window at the bottom.

Please no name calling, personal attacks or coarse language. The chat will be monitored and moderated, and miscreants will be unceremoniously excused from further participation and banned (by IP address).

We'll see how it goes, and let us know what you think of it. Thanks!

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