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AC35: Day 4, RR2 Races 1-3 video review

THESE QUICKIE VIDEOS (one minute and change) by ACTV reviewing the day's races are short and sweet. I'll post them each day ASAP they become available, which looks like it will be late evening Bermuda time. At the opening of this one I am a bit surprised they stuck it to Nathan Outteridge (AUS) by using the clip of him saying that he was going to "Keep it clean and don't let it come to the umpires hands at all." Of course, he took another penalty, this one a non-controversial port-starboard call that went against Artemis in the NZL-SWE race and that cemented the race for NZL – who were likely going to win anyway given the tactical situation at the time. This video doesn't even mention that penalty.

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