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Larry Ellison: If Oracle Team USA wins, the Cup is going back to Bermuda

QUOTE-UNQUOTE: “If we sail fast enough we are definitely going to come back,” Mr Ellison, founder of Oracle Team USA, remarked from the stage at a spectacular opening ceremony.“We are thrilled to be here sailing in the most beautiful sailing venue in the world.”Mr Ellison joined Michael Dunkley and Grant Gibbons in rallying the audience as the 35th America’s Cup was given its official send-off at the end of a day of sailing and festivities.During his speech, the Premier said: “We will not disappoint you. This is our time to shine. We are going to have a wonderful six weeks and the world will never forget Bermuda.” –An article in today's Royal Gazette (BDA) by Simon Jones. Full story.

There's a counterpoint in a story by Evan Weiner headlined, "Sailing’s America’s Cup Is Taking Place In Bermuda Waters Because Of Money" on the SportsTalkFlorida website here.

Photo: Ricardo Pinto, ACEA

Photo: Denis Martins, ACEA

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