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AC35: Opening Day "Preshow"

THERE IS SOME GOOD AC35 CONTENT out there, but finding it in the clutter of the internet and from among the dozens of sources, well, it's is not easy. That's why you can count on SAILING ILLUSTRATED to curate it for you, and post only the best of the best here on SI – in addition to our own original content.

And with three SAILING ILLUSTRATED reporters already bird-dogging for us in BDA, there will be plenty of good, original stuff that you will find only here on SI – like the breaking news we reported Friday night, exclusively here on SI, about the resignation of ACEA's Chief Commercial Officer.

Yesterday Genny Tulloch interviewed Ken Read in a Facebook Live segment produced by ACTV. It was a terrific preview in the same vein as own preview last week by the "Fifth Beatle" that was famously (at least according to the NZL media) called the "Contenders and Pretenders." I finally found a good portion of that "Genny and Kenny" video from yesterday buried in today's AC35 Preshow. It's worth suffering through the rest of it to see Ken's analysis and predictions in the lively back and forth with Genny. To see it, fast forward to the 10:30 mark of this video, courtesy of ACEA and YouTube....

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