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A face for radio? Listen to TFE live on Radio Sport NZ today

TFE UPDATE (1630 PDT Wednesday) – The 10-minute interview is done, but we ended up doing it live to tape for technical reasons. It will air later today at 1940 PDT (7:40p), 2240 EDT, 0440 CET Thursday, and 1440 NZT Thursday. If Meg can find it archived online, it will be posted here on SI tomorrow.

SAILING ILLUSTRATED's Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Tom Ehman will be a guest on the Devlin Radio Show on Radio Sport New Zealand today (that's Wednesday in the USA, Thursday in NZL) at 1115 NZT, 1615 PDT, 1915 EDT, 2015 in BDA, 0115 Thursday in Central Europe. Radio Sport is the number one sports network in NZL, and Martin Devlin, host of the 9-12 show weekday mornings, has stacked up multiple awards for Sports Broadcaster of the Year.

The invitation came after SI received favorable mention last week in an article by Sail-World's NZ editor Richard Gladwell, and in a subsequent article in the New Zealand Herald, NZL's number one newspaper and on their website.

Today's topic, no surprise, is the America's Cup, what to expect if and when the racing begins on Friday, and who SAILING ILLUSTRATED rates as the contenders, and pretenders.

You can listen live in most countries around the world via this link (provided you have iTunes or the VLC Player installed) or via iHeart radio. Or click on the Radio Sport logo for the livestream audio.

TFE will be live on Radio Sport NZ today talking AC35. He's known for not being afraid of a microphone. Some say he has a good face for radio.

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