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The buzz: First-ever WASZP regatta in the USA

THE USA WASZP ASSOCIATION just wrapped up their first-ever event in the USA, the Atlantic Coast Championship hosted this weekend by New Jersey's Tom's River Yacht Club with 13 entries. Our 15 year-old son Ben Rosenberg (sail no. 2088) finished fifth racing against a field of competitors at least ten years older. These boats are not for everyone, but Ben loves them. The racing, and people involved, are terrific. Final results here, and below is a short clip from the start of one of today's races to give you a feel for these futuristic foilers.

[Thanks, Matt! Is the winner, the College of Charleston's Reed Baldridge, any relation to By Baldrige, our long time friend and former 1992 AC winner with AMERICA CUBED? OK, so I was taught long ago by an infamous lawyer never to ask a question to which you didn't already know the answer. ;) –TFE]

Photos courtesy of Peter Slack Photography, via Matt Rosenberg.

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