OTUSA: Team issues superb onboard and overhead video of yesterday's capsize

ROLL THE CREDITS? After yesterday's capsize ORACLE TEAM USA's media department quickly produced and posted online a brief but compelling video of the accident and recovery. Not quite a prime-time production, but it is excellent, even by OTUSA's normally advanced (over the other teams) standards.

One has to wonder if it was all planned. I mean, how many times have you seen a team capsize and have it captured with stunning overhead shots from a drone or helicopter? Was it actually capsize and recovery practice? Making B-roll for AC35 PR and news promotion? Were they coincidentally shooting a sponsor video when things went awry? Or perhaps OTUSA, for team debrief purposes, is shooting aerial footage now routinely so it was just all captured on video as a matter of course. If so, they're taking training vids to a new and not inexpensive, er, high. But then RC, Grant Simmer & Co. do enjoy the extensive resources of one of the world's wealthiest men, yada, yada.

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