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Acorn, sapling or full-grown oak tree?

IF YOU ARE ANYWHERE NEAR Oyster Bay (north shore of New York's Long Island), and you want to do any type of cool sailing, do yourself a favor and check out the fantastic things that go on at Oakcliff. Whether you are college age and want to get an immersive experience in the sport, and perhaps end up working in the sailing industry, there is no better place to begin than Oakcliff. Or if you are just a casual weekend sailor wanting to brush up on your skills, or a newbie wanting to learn how to sail – well, I can't say enough good things about Oakcliff and the people who run it from Director Dawn Riley on down.

Their Weekday Racing Series begins next week. For more info on Oakcliff and all their programs check out their excellent website. And while you are at it, when possible please patronize Oakcliff's sponsors as they help make the sport better for all of us.

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